What Parents Say

“I am happier, less stressed, she has been wonderful, she was like the kind of mum you should have. She gave me confidence, I realised I could do it!”

“Excellent match, children loved her. It’s the major reason my life has turned around.”

“You probably saved my life – you were there just at the right time and helped me when I needed it most.”

“Because of my volunteer’s support I’ve been able to re-frame my problems. I’ve been able to let go of the anger, my depression has lifted and I’ve been able to draw a line and let go. When I asked for  help I had no idea of the change it would bring.”

“The support given to me was invaluable. There was no-one and I mean no-one that I could talk to except my volunteer and I think being able to talk to her saved me from going mad. I really do think I was close to the edge.”

“Volunteer has been the light at the end of the tunnel, gets me through the week.”