Home-Visiting Volunteers

Home-visiting volunteers visit a family regularly for 2-3 hours once a week. The formula is a simple but effective one – a volunteer, who has parenting experience themselves, offers emotional and practical support in what ever way the parent is going to find helpful.

Some parents might need someone to talk to, encouragement or some reassurance, others might need more practical support with the children or house. Playing and reading with children, getting out and about in the local area and finding out about local services and activities are all things a volunteer can help with. Our service is flexible and responsive to adapt to changing family needs.

What sort of commitment do I need to make?

All home-visiting volunteers participate in a preparation course before visiting families. This course ensures that volunteers are prepared for the varying situations they may be involved with. Once ready to visit families a volunteer needs to commit to 2-3 hours per week for each visit.

Volunteers attend regular supervision and group meetings where they have the opportunity for further on-going training and meeting other volunteers. There is a small amount of monthly paperwork to be completed and all travel expenses are paid.

 “Volunteering for Nest Aylesbury Vale has been such a rewarding experience. Knowing that spending a couple of hours of my time with a family can make a significant difference to their life is such a satisfying and humbling experience. The great thing about volunteering is that you get so much back from it. Helping others makes you feel good, it gives you the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills and increases your confidence. It can even enhance your career prospects.”

Nest Aylesbury Vale Volunteer


For an informal chat to find out more contact Shushana Kendrick, Nest Aylesbury Vale Co-ordinator on 01296 485615 or send us a message through our contact us form